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Grab A Whip, Fedora And A Nintendo 64 To Join Indy In His Boldest Console Adventure, Indiana Jones® And The Infernal Machine™ From LucasArts


The ultimate adventure comes to Nintendo 64 in fall 2000 with the release of the critically acclaimed Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. Fraught with all the action and intrigue of a classic Indiana Jones film, N64 players will join the renowned archeologist in a thrilling globe-spanning race to thwart the Soviets' frantic search for clues to the mysterious "Infernal Machine."

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, an action-adventure developed for Nintendo 64 in conjunction with Factor 5 LLC, features several enhancements from its heralded PC counterpart, including augmented graphics, play control, sound and lighting.

"Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a tremendous addition to LucasArts' highly praised collection of titles developed for Nintendo 64," says LucasArts' Director of Product Marketing Tom Byron. "The game has been optimized to take full advantage of the N64, immersing players into a dramatic adventure gaming experience unlike anything previously offered for that platform."

The game begins when the CIA, led by Indy's old friend Sophia Hapgood, brings him alarming evidence that a Soviet physicist, Gennadi Volodnikov, has been searching the site of the Tower of Babel. The Soviets are looking for evidence of an ancient machine that can open the door to a parallel dimension called the Aetherium. Volodnikov and his Communist henchmen are anxiously trying to reassemble the machine, but need to find several crucial parts to get it working. The missing parts, scattered throughout the far corners of the globe, are the targets of Indy's quest.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine takes Indy to all the exotic locales players expect in an adventure this spectacular, ranging from the ruins of ancient Babylon and mysterious Tian Shan Mountain region in Kazakstan to the Aztec pyramids in Teotihaucan and beyond.

Staying one step ahead of the Russians will require players to solve a variety of challenging mechanical puzzles. Interior sites, such as temples, tombs and dungeons, are incredibly expansive, and allow for thorough exploration, puzzle solving and intense combat.

The game's unique geographical locations also serve as settings for several special action sequences that range from guiding a raft through an exciting descent of white-water rapids, a spectacular off-road Jeep chase through the jungle to an exhilarating rollercoaster-like mine car ride.

Indy has the ability to whip, crawl, run, leap, swim, swing, and climb through each level. He'll rely upon his trusted whip, a complement of weapons (automatic pistols, rifles, a bazooka, hand grenades and satchel charges) and useful collected objects to defeat the game's battalions of communist agents, soldiers and otherworldly adversaries. In addition, each machine part Indy finds confers a certain magical power that is necessary to help him complete subsequent chapters.

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