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New LucasArts Space Combat Compilation, Star Wars®: X-Wing Trilogy™, Blasts Into This Galaxy For Holiday Season


The galaxy's most popular Star Wars combat flight simulation games return this holiday season with the release of Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. The value-oriented compilation will retail for an estimated street price of $29.95 and include the award-winning LucasArts titles X-Wing™, TIE Fighter™, and X-WingAlliance® as well as the bonus sample X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School®. X-Wing Trilogy is expected to release November 2000.

With the release of X-Wing Trilogy, the complete Star Wars space combat experience will be delivered in one package for the first time. Each of the games embody the rich gameplay and deeply engaging stories that have made this one of the world's most popular PC flight combat simulation series. Collectively, the games in X-Wing Trilogy have sold millions of copies worldwide.

"The X-Wing series was created for Star Wars fans who, like me, longed to jump into the cockpit of an X-wing and take up the noble fight of the Rebel Alliance like Luke Skywalker," says Lawrence Holland, X-Wing series creator and president of Totally Games. "The series has demonstrated that what we watch on the 'big screen' can be brought to life, even taken to new levels, to allow the player to become the ultimate hero."

"The X-Wing Trilogy is a high-value, premium collection that offers outstanding content and value," says Mary Bihr, vice-president, worldwide sales and marketing for LucasArts. "Fans of Star Wars games will be especially pleased with this outstanding collection of X-Wing series favorites at such an affordable price."

X-Wing features 122 missions and engages players to pilot X-wings, A-wings and B-wings. The game depicts the Rebel Alliance's effort to destroy Imperial forces led by Darth Vader. Players take on the role of a hot-shot pilot for the Rebel Alliance, flying small but powerful starfighters against the evil Galactic Empire.

TIE Fighter features more than 100 missions, and dares players to restore and enforce Imperial rule and defeat the Rebel insurgence. The game challenges pilots to refine their skills in training courses and historical combat before engaging in a series of battles.

X-Wing Alliance presents an exhilarating story-driven collection of 50 single and multiplayer missions spread throughout the most expansive battle environments in the history of the X-Wing game series. The game balances two intriguing narratives, with the primary story focusing on the Rebel Alliance's struggle for survival after bitter defeat by the Galactic Empire in the tumultuous Battle of Hoth.

Rounding out the collection is the bonus sample X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School, which includes 14 Imperial and Rebel missions from LucasArts' X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Flight School offers both single and multiplayer training exercises from the defense of a Star Destroyer to convoy attacks, all set in a variety of familiar Star Wars space battle environments.

X-Wing Trilogy will ship in a special commemorative gold foil stamped package. The collection includes a message to X-Wing fans from Larry Holland, about the history and heritage of the Star Wars flight combat series.

The X-Wing Trilogy is a compilation of games developed by San Rafael, California-based Totally Games in conjunction with LucasArts.

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