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A New Level Of High Speed, High Action Podracing Returns In LucasArts' Star Wars® Racer Revenge


Galactic Podracing champion Anakin Skywalker and his arch-nemesis, the revenge seeking Sebulba, return for an epic, death-defying rematch in the highly anticipated Star Wars® Racer™ sequel, Star Wars Racer Revenge for PlayStation 2 from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. Star Wars Racer Revenge is being developed in conjunction with Rainbow Studios, creators of the best selling Motocross Madness™ and ATV Offroad Fury™.

Inspired by the hit Star Wars Racer, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' Console Racing Game of the Year in 2000, Star Wars Racer Revenge dares players to take control of sleek and blindingly fast Podracers in a series of electrifying and perilous races throughout the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars Racer Revenge is expected to release first quarter 2002.

"As in the original game, Star Wars Racer Revenge will deliver a deeply satisfying racing experience based upon the dramatic Podracing sequence from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace," says Tom Byron, director of product marketing for LucasArts. "This sequel's stronger AI will deliver an even greater punch of speed and intensity for PlayStation 2 players, resulting in all-out, do-or-die battles to the finish of every race."

Star Wars Racer Revenge, similar to its award-winning predecessor, challenges players to assume the roles of courageous Anakin, the nefarious Sebulba, or one of more than sixteen other hard-charging Podracers. It's now eight years later and Sebulba is bent on avenging Anakin's dramatic upset victory in the galactically-renowned Boonta Eve Classic. But it won't be any easier this time as Anakin has grown into a wiser and more skilled Podracer pilot. This sets the stage for Star Wars Racer Revenge, bringing newer, faster and even more dangerous Podracers back to this galaxy.

The game features a greatly enhanced and more competitive racing AI that offers furious on-course clashes with aggressive opponents who would rather crash than lose. To attain victory in this outlaw sport, pilots must master blazingly fast 600 mile-per-hour Podracers while engaging in no-holds-barred, jarring combat-style racing.

Star Wars Racer Revenge offers 13 challenging race circuits across Tatooine and 4 new worlds. Each unique course features a variety of routes and shortcuts that clever Podracers will learn to navigate at break-neck speeds in order to win.

In the game there are more than 16 powerful and beautifully detailed Podracers from which players may choose, and each can be upgraded at Watto's shop. Players can compete in several types of game play including free-play, tournament, time trials, and vs. mode.

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Rainbow Studios is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is quickly gaining an impressive reputation as one of the industry's top creative forces in racing and extreme sports-based games. Rainbow received an Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences award for Sports Game of the Year in 2000 for Motocross Madness 2, and its recent PlayStation 2 release, ATV Offroad Fury, has been a top-seller and a big hit with critics and consumers alike. Visit them at www.rainbowstudios.com.

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