Star Wars Battlefront

Is Task Switching supported in the game?

You may experience the following issues when task switching in Star Wars Battlefront:

  • Windows 98/ME: The game may crash or lock up, especially when you task switch in a level with water assets.

  • Windows 98/ME: You may see graphical corruption in the game.

  • Windows 2000/XP: Sound may drop out in the game after you task switch back into the game. To correct this, adjust the volume sliders in Audio Options to reinitialize the sound engine.

  • When a client task switches out of a multiplayer game for over 30 seconds, the client will lose the connection to the host. If the host task switches out, all clients will temporarily lose connection until the host switches back to the game and the clients may see the network performance icon. If the host does not task switch back before time-out, all clients will drop.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not task switch while playing Star Wars Battlefront in Windows 98 or Windows ME.

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