Star Wars Battlefront

Section 6: Sound Issues

Why do I keep hearing static bursts or audio distortion in Star Wars Battlefront?

How may I adjust volume levels within the game?

How can I change my volume controls in Windows?

Why do default volume levels vary when using different operating systems?

May I use my 3rd party volume control software with Star Wars Battlefront?

Is it possible to adjust volume control in the game using my keyboard?

What's the benefit of using powered vs. amplified speaker systems with the game?

What sort of sound card/chipset issues may I encounter with Star Wars Battlefront?

How may I test my sound card performance in Windows?

How can I test my sound card using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool?

Audio performance is crackling and breaking up in the game. What should I do?

What are the different audio option modes available from inside the game?

During gameplay I'm randomly encountering skipping and stuttering audio. What can I do?

Is there a specific Output Mode setting I should be using in the game depending upon my speaker setup?

Are there any issues with sound in the game when Output Mode is set to Mono?

I'm experiencing problems with sound effects in the game using Windows 98SE. What should I do?

How do I enable Quadraphonic 5.1 or 7.1 Output Modes when using Software Sound in the game?

When I exit back to the Main Menu Options area of the game, I'm losing music in the program. What's going on?

How can I get my USB headset to function correctly with the game?

After adding a new sound card to my system, the Mixer Config option in the Audio Options section is disabled. What can I do?

How do I change Output Modes under the Audio Options menu regarding my speaker configuration when using a Creative Labs sound card?

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