Lego Star Wars II

Version: 1.02 

Platform: PC

Posted: 11/21/06

This update for the game has been modified to:

  • Addresses an error that is seen on some systems during installation.
  • Addresses controller customization issues with certain gamepads
  • Addresses the missing "jump" ability for Danish version.
  • Updates the User Interface
Instructions for Installing this Update:

When you run the appropriate file for your country, which is noted below, this update may prompt you to insert the original game disc in your drive if it is not already in the drive. After you insert the disc, just follow the prompts to install LEGO® STAR WARS II: THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY.

Domestic USA/French Canadian
LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.2_US.exe

United Kingdom/France/Italy/Germany/Spain/Denmark/Australia
LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.2_EFIGSD.exe

LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.2_BR.exe

LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.2_PL.exe

LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.2_RU.exe

NOTE: This update incorporates all previous updates.

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