Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe

Patch Name: 2.1 Update

Platform: PC

Format: Floppy Disk

Size: 312 KB

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 5/91

Installation: This update will prompt you for the location of the game (where to install the patch), so have this information available before double-clicking on the update file.


Double-click on the "swupg.exe" file to begin the installation.


In this example, we have Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe installed on our "C" drive and in the "SWOTL" directory. Type "swupg.exe c:\SWOTL" and hit the Enter key.Before the decompression process can begin, you will receive a prompt that states "Unzip file? [Y|N]", hit the "Y" key to continue.

Corrects: Corrects speed problem with P-38, EGA map issues, improved menu selection system, improved joystick routine, corrects top score reverting to a negative number.

Notes: If you are using any of the SWOTL expansion diskettes, then you already have this patch installed on your system. We included these fixes with the campaign diskettes.

File: SWUPG.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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